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We have now launched some pre-made banner rotators for affiliates!Choose from a 468x60, 300x250, 728x90, 160x600 and 125x125 banner rotator for your website(s).The banner rotators auto optimise meaning after time it will show the banners which generate you more revenue (RPM) than others, taking the work out of deciding which offer to promote on your site and also saving you time updating it with new creatives, we will add new creatives on the fly to the banner rotator, for you!Also our banner rotators geo target. So for example UK users will see a banner for an offer which allows UK traffic and an AU user will see a banner for an offer which allows AU traffic and so on, as long as an offer i



We have some great news! From today we are giving live support for Affiliates and Advertisers.

Need approval to an offer? Want to get an advertiser offer pushed live to affiliates? Get an instant answer from one of our agents with our live chat support, which you will find in the bottom right hand corner of every page.

Live chat is integrated directly into the interface so there is no need to install any applications or software.

When you click to get live support it asks you for your account email, so our agent can easily find your account – saving both you and us time in helping solving your query.


Hey Everyone!There are 17 new offers live on the WOW Trk today for DE, MY, CH, BE and LU. 

DE - Moboo Win new iPad (Incent) DE - Moboo Angel OR Devil test (Incent) DE - Moboo iPhone5 Quiz (Incent) DE - Moboo Ringtone (Incent) MY - Rolyfun Ringtone (Incent) MY - Rolyfun iPad3 Quiz (Incent) MY - Rolyfun Win iPhone5 (Incent) CH - Rolyfun Win iPhone5 (Incent) BE - Rolyfun Win iPhone5 BE - Rolyfun Win iPhone5 (Incent) BE - Rolyfun iPhone5 Quiz (Incent) BE - Rolyfun 2012 Disaster (Incent) BE - Rolyfun Ringtone (Incent) LU - Rolyfun iPhone5 Quiz (Incent) LU - Rolyfun Ringtone (Incent) LU - Rolyfun Secret Lover (Incent) LU - Rolyfun Win iPhone5 (Incent)

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Welcome to the first interview on I am very excited to be able to introduce you to our first guest, Matthew Lovett.

Many of you may already know Matt from one of his many large and successful online ventures, but for those of you who don't, Matt is the owner of Wow Media and more specifically his affiliate network WOW Trk.

Matt has been in the industy many years now and it is a pleasure be able to catch up with him and provide you all with a little insight in to his business and life.

Let's get started.

Firstly, for those who may not be aware of who you are and what you do, give us a little introduction to yourself. How old are you? Where are you from? What ar


At WOW Trk we have recently launched our new free Google Chrome and Firefox extensions! Keep up to date with your stats with our extension and you can also switch on notifications to get notifications when you earn more commission (you can even set how often it checks).

Download Google Chrome Extension:

Download Firefox Extension: you have any questions let us know.

WOW Trk.