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With the new launch of the new Prosper202 Pro Premium Edition, we are also publicly relaunching our Private SaaS Servers. Think of it as a hybrid solution that gives you the privacy and power of dedicated servers with the ease of management and infinite scalability of a SaaS solution.

Private Domains With Custom Nameservers

Unlike traditional SaaS solutions, we offer you your own private domain that's linked to our servers with a nameserver setup just for you. This means that your tracking domain will have its own reputation and not affected by other customers. Most SaaS solutions use CNAMEs for private domains, this means th


By now, many of you are already aware that a new version of Prosper202 1.9.31 has launched.   Check out this new information you should be aware of: Multi-currency support Prosper202 has a huge international user base, as of today we have users in 4,010 cities spread across 151 countries. The majority of our users are no longer in the US, which is why we now provide the ability to show earnings in your local currency.   You can now set an account currency for Prosper202, and also a currency for each of the offer you promote. From now on we will perform real time currency conversion for all your offers and ensure they are always up to date.

Prosper202 Lite is no more. It's being replaced with Prosper202 Pro.   From now on there will only be one free version of Prosper202, and it will be Prosper202 Pro. Starting today, ul and advanced version of Prosper202 is available to download 100% free.   You'll get access to all the current powerful features we have built into Pro such as: The new DataEngine 2.0 for blazing fast reports. Multi-user accounts to allow others to login to your Prosper202 account with their own login and permissions CPA cost tracking Dynamic Content Segments to dynamically display the geo locations, browser info and other variables on your landing p

Prosper202 Pro 1.9.16 launched over the weekend. If you're a Prosper202 Pro client and have the 1-click upgrade functionality installed and working, you should automatically get the version installed. You can also login to the dashboard at to download the latest version of Prosper202 Pro. What's New in Prosper202 1.9.16 The biggest update is that you can now install Prosper202 Pro in a subdirectory. You are no longer limited to using the root directory or a dedicated subdomain. This means it's now much easier to have Prosper202 installed on the domain that matches your landing pages. On some traffic sources this can be advantageous. But

Until now, if you wanted to work together in Prosper202 with a team of people, you had to all use the same login information to access your Prosper202 account. This meant that everyone had the same level of access and permissions to do anything they wanted once they logged in.

With our new role based user permissions you can now have more fine grained control over who has access to login and what they are able to see and do once they login.

Do you have a temp freelance that you need to setup a few campaigns? Just make an account for them, they can now setup offers and landing pages but not have access to your campaign results data.

Prosper202 Pro comes with 4 predefined roles.


Drumroll, please!   Announcing Prosper202 ClickServer 1.8.4.   Prosper202 1.8.4 launchs a brand new rules based rotator to allow affiliates to redirect clicks based on a boatload of criteria.   This video shows how it works:     What else is new in Prosper202 ClickServer 1.8.4? All old database talbes migrated to InnoDB. The error where subids were not being passed for IE users has been fixed A change log to show you what's new in every release has been added The short PHP tags in the code are gone (some hosts don't support short tags) The error in the way MySQL database versions are determined is fixed   Not Yet On Prosper202 ClickServe