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PeerFly CEO Chad French released a letter recently that had some awesome announcements for their affiliates.

As the CEO of PeerFly, I wanted a creative way to try and connect with the 70,000+ PeerFly Publishers from across the globe. So, I came up with what I’m calling, “The PeerFly Letter.” This will be a periodic update by me on where we’re heading as a company and some of the innovative services and features we’re building that sets us apart from everyone else in the herd.

When I built and launched PeerFly from my 2-bedroom apartment back in early 2009, I had no idea it would grow into the beautiful company it ultimately became. We’ve b


The good folks over at PeerFly have officially announced the newest aspect of their full-service marketing platform: PeerFly Services. This project will be headed by affiliate manager Davey Taylor.   What is PeerFly Services? As said by Davey, PeerFly Services can take your vision and bring it into fruition. Whether you have a brick-and-mortar business, a website or just an idea for the next big thing – PeerFly Services can meet your needs and your price point.   PeerFly Services offers: Strategy & Consulting - Online Business Consulting - Website Planning - Online Marketing Strategy   Online Marketing - Search Engin

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