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Mobile advertising platform Cheetah Ad Platform released an infographic detailing the competition in Android application development around the world.

Cheetah Ad Platform analyzed data from 52 million Android smartphone users and found that the average worldwide user uses 27 smartphone apps on average per month and uses apps 39 times on average per month.

The infographic included data from nine countries, and Cheetah Ad Platform found that Brazil has the highest overall user engagement and app competition, with the average user using an average of 29.3 apps per month and using apps an average of 53.6 times per month.

Overall, the infographic showed that Bra


Mobiquity Networks, a network of U.S. retail, mall-based mobile advertising beacons, announced it is collaborating with Screenvisionto install beacons in 300 theater complexes to form a movie theater advertising and data network to engage consumers with brands. This deal marks one of the first wide-scale deployments of beacons inside movie theaters.

The growth of technology has presented opportunities for theater owners, movie studios and brands to augment the movie theater experience with interactive games, targeted pre/post-show ads, and other campaigns that can be delivered to mobile devices. The collaboration between Mobiquity Networks and Screenvision will bring beacons


The New York Times has recently announced that they are launching their own mobile ad platform. The platform will be called “The Mobile Moments”. It will be used to display mobile readers with relevant ads based on the content of the page that is being displayed. The platform doesn't seem to be advanced or innovative; but that's not really necessary for the New York Times.   The Mobile Moments will allow the Times to have greater control over when and where their ads are displayed compared to going through a third party platform. The ads will be created by T Brand Studio, which is the New York Times’ in-house commercial content group.  

Mobile advertising platform Adfonic has undergone a rebranding. CEO and Co-Founder Victor Malachard had this to say:   In 2010, our product planning process anticipated significant changes in the mobile advertising world: we foresaw a transition from the direct publisher representation model, through mediation and yield management platforms, to Real-time Bidding (RTB) exchanges. Consequently, we invested heavily during this period in machine learning algorithms and programmatic buying to ensure we can target audiences precisely across the RTB exchange ecosystem.   So our rebrand is the conclusion of a process of transition that began in 2012. We have made