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In the mobile app advertising world, it’s one thing to successfully drive mobile app downloads; but it’s a whole different ballpark when it comes to identifying effective ways of driving engagement and revenue from mobile app users. These 9 tips will help you effectively marketing your mobile apps.


1. User context

Start with clear use cases for why someone would want to engage with your app and why it might make sense for them to do so while using social media.


2. Creative

With your use cases in mind, develop images and headline copy that would not only entice the user to open your app, but also clearly direct them to take a specific


  The Facebook ads API partner SocialClicks recently announced that the company has released the latest feature of its Advanced Technology Suite called Predictive Automated Bid Optimization.   This new feature will allow Facebook marketers to let Facebook campaigns run themselves when they’re away. This is designed to guarantee the best rates overnight or over a long periods of away time.     SocialClicks Founder & CEO Alon Michaeli had this to say about the new feature:   Our latest optimization algorithms provide clients with game-changing results. Not only does this technology make life simpler for marketers tasked