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eBay Enterprise Marketing Solutions has recently announced that they are acquiring the international performance marketing firm, Affiliate Traction.  The specific details regarding the amount they are paying or when everything will be finalized are not yet released, but this acquisition makes them the world’s largest affiliate marketing agency.   Affiliate Traction is based out of Silicon Valley and operates offices in Sydney, London and Toronto.  They offer full-service affiliate marketing management and much more to customers.  By working closely with companies and affiliates they help to match up affiliates with the right retailers and then further hel

Thursday, eBay Enterprise announced the rebranding of PepperJam Exchange to eBay Enterprise Affiliate Network, part of eBay Enterprise Marketing Solutions. The parent company, formerly GSI Commerce, went through a similar branding change in June of 2013 becoming eBay Enterprise.  This announcement is the next generation of that transition. This move was designed to align their brand with the eBay Enterprise organization and allow them to enable connected commerce marketing solutions for their clients. PJX assures their affiliates this will not mean any disruption to their account management as they're growing as an affiliate organization. They feel this rebranding