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Check out this announcement from Clickbooth:

At Clickbooth, our vision is to empower our affiliates to scale their ROIs, using our one-of-a-kind technology to deliver increased EPCs and eCPMs. Since we’ve moved our business from Cake to our own CB Performance Exchange, a top request among affiliates has been the ability to rely on us to update product images and offer names on their landing pages.

This past June, we released LP Offer Rotation – a piece of code that allows affiliates to update their pages once and run multiple offers through one link, with corresponding bottle images and product names. In the initial test phase a handful of exclusive affiliates we


Clickbooth is shutting down their affiliate network as it is and moving to creating the next step in performance marketing....the first Performance Marketing Exchange!   “The marketplace is evolving to a smarter marketplace and a disruption of the norm is being demanded. Clickbooth has created a solution for all of the hassles that affiliates deal with – offer testing, cap management, targeting, etc., all while yielding 20-30% higher EPCs. For advertisers, we provide real time, value-based bidding on a CPA and CPC basis with hyper targeting for our exclusive affiliate traffic channels. This patent pending technology is a direct result of client feedback, 13+ y

Well-known performance network Clickbooth announced it has selected Invoca’s Call Intelligence Platform to bring the value of calls to its pay-per-call division. This partnership enables Clickbooth to measure and maximize calls as easily as clicks. Invoca’s platform will give Clickbooth the ability to easily track all costs and revenue associated with their clients’ pay-per-call campaigns.   “Consumer behavior and performance marketing evolve together. In today’s mobile age, our pay-per-call integration with Invoca provides advertisers the inbound call intelligence needed to optimize consumer engagement and increase revenue. Pay-per-call is a

Clickbooth announced the launch of cb:Rewards. It is a bonus program that will reward affiliates with a variety of gifts for running traffic through the Clickbooth network.   The cb:Rewards program lets affiliates of all skill levels to earn points on an ongoing basis for the volume they're already doing through the network.   The more volume you do, the more points you earn.   Rewards include iPads, GoPro Cameras, Google Glass, Samsung Curved TVs and even cars.   All Clickbooth affiliates are automatically enrolled in the program and are eligible to earn and redeem points for as long as they are with the network.  

It’s nothing new to people in the industry that the FTC has yet again, this year been involved in a clamp down on the affiliate marketing industry and its activity.

However, John Lemp recently revealed that when Clickbooth were approached by the FTC in December of last year in a ‘network wide sweep’ regarding cases that stated its marketers used tactics to “deceive others” that they had two options available to them. They could either fight the case that they were confronted with or work to negotiate a settlement that would best serve their loyal affiliates and advertisers and the industry as a whole.

It’s with that news that Clickbooth ha