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Well..... where to start!

My first time in Vegas, and I was there to work, and meet clients - not sure what to expect when boarding the plan Saturday morning in Victoria, BC.

After a hop skip and a jump we arrrived in vegas: the Neverblue team from the Victoria Office. As soon as you get off the plane you can see smoking rooms in airports, slots machines everywhere.... I thought is anything illegal in this City.

Our team rode in style to Ceaser Palce - our hotel and where the conference was based - we grabbed a stretch limo and rolled up to the lobby in Ceasers, this place was huge! It was buzzing; people excited about the days ahead, lots of faces i knew, friends from other networks, col


Neverblue is a leading global performance-based online marketing company specializing in lead generation and client acquisition.We are based in Victoria, BC. But also have offices in LA, London and Hong Kong.I am very excited to be doing our first post on strongest verticals are Dating, Travel, Gaming, Finance, Insurance - we also have a very large selection of mobile optimized offers.

My name is Jos Bell and I am an Affiliate Manager who works out of our Victoria office, but orginally come from Oxford in England. I am an avid West Ham fan, and used to have a season ticket for 9 years when growing up. I actually wanted to be a Liverpool fan at 5, but my Dad was having