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Well..... where to start!

My first time in Vegas, and I was there to work, and meet clients - not sure what to expect when boarding the plan Saturday morning in Victoria, BC.

After a hop skip and a jump we arrrived in vegas: the Neverblue team from the Victoria Office. As soon as you get off the plane you can see smoking rooms in airports, slots machines everywhere.... I thought is anything illegal in this City.

Our team rode in style to Ceaser Palce - our hotel and where the conference was based - we grabbed a stretch limo and rolled up to the lobby in Ceasers, this place was huge! It was buzzing; people excited about the days ahead, lots of faces i knew, friends from other networks, colleagues and some top notch affiliates I knew from other shows.

Our first night AfroJack was playing at XS nightclub so we took a few of our affiliates to that show as a kick off, we had a table by the stage, bottle service and a nice area for some dance moves. At these events its actually a great time to talk some business, even with the noise. Also I used this time to locate any other people I could recongnize, pop over to their tables and say Hi!  I am not too sure of the exact time i got back to bed that night, but it was after my normal bedtime.

Sunday was prob the best day of the show - The Meet Market. We had a table right near the main door, and the foot traffic was busy, however the quality of affiliates at this show was noticable straight off the bat. I spend most of this day at the meet market table meeting new affiliates and existing ones too, I also spent some time walking around, saying hello to anyone I knew I has not seen yet. What I love about this industry is how close poeple are and you may only see them twice a year but everyone remembers each other, and is so happy to see one another.

Once the meet market wrapped up, we were hosting the Neverblue party in the Red Room at PURE nightclub, this night was a blast, really busy and we also got free VIP access into the White Room after too.

Now after a few hours sleep it was back to work on Monday, at Neverblue we didn't do a booth in the exhibition hall, instead we had a large meeting room book, right by where people were walking to an from the hall. This works really well for us, as we have a quite place to meet and chat with and Clients, alos it was a perfect spot for foot traffic, and lots of passers by stopped in and talked to us about our up coming Out Of Bounds to the Rocky Mountains.

I had some fantastic meetings on this day, meeting existing clients and new affiliates wanting to find out more about neverblue.  Monday night was the 3rd night I was there, the other nights started to catch up with me...

I took some clients out to Nobu Restaurant, not only is the best Japanese meal I have ever eaten, but probably the best meal I have ever eaten. We then heading out again to Marquee NIghclub in The Cosmo, this place was crazy, but again full of people in the industry, it seemed ASW had really taken over Vegas.

I woke up Tuesday knowing I was going to be sleeping back in my own bed that night, the last morning you can wake up and the first thing you can do is blow $100 on Blackjack, not that I did that ;)

This day was more mellow than the others, I think the craziness of Vegas was catching up with everyone, I had a few more meetings in our Meeting Room, then it was of to the airport and back to a slightly more normal life.

I am not sure how I made it through the whole trip with only a few hours sleep a night, no naps. Vegas I am not sure how you make us push ourselves further than we have ever been pushed, but you do it and that why we love you.

Jos Bell

Neverblue Affiliate Manager

Skype: Neverbluejos

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