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FiveStar CPA has began its journey as a home-base for five best friends who happened to be very serious affiliates showing passion and committment towards the industry. But, due to the constrains placed by other affiliate networks, the five affiliates simply craved for freedom which led to the initial development of the private network.

Today, FiveStar CPA consists of a closed group of loyal affiliates who always strive for excellence. Our strictness has brought us enough love, hate and attention in abundance. FiveStar CPA's infrastructure is built upon trust, faith and loyalty, and we not only consider our affiliates as business partners but also as our companions.

You are either in our family, or NOT. That Simple.
Featured Offers :
Just Hookup, etc 
Minimum Payment :
Payment Frequency :
Daily, Weekly, Net-15 
Payment Method :
Wire, Paypal, Check 
Referral Commission :
3% to 15% 
Tracking Software :
In-House with PA 
Tracking Link : 
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