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Blue Track Media
Blue Track Media, LLC is a performance-based incentive marketing advertising agency based in Dallas, Texas that provides marketing solutions for both publishers and advertisers. But who we really are goes so much further.

Blue Track Media is a high-performing group of professionals who strive to offer something new and useful to our clients. With fully customized services ranging from campaign development to traffic monetization, our top priority is understanding our clients' needs and delivering a value-driven solution.

Community involvement is also a building-block of the Blue Track Media value system. This essential element bolsters our belief that corporations can act ethically while still practicing good business. Shaz Amin, CEO of Blue Track Media, stresses this value as one of the most fundamental underpinnings of the company.

"Growing up, my parents instilled in me to always uphold the morals they passed on to me, whether the circumstances are fortunate or unfortunate. I plan on passing that on to every single one of my ventures."

Blue Track Media is not backed by investors who seek to increase revenues at the expense of responsible corporate governance. We are a debt-free company that prides itself in providing successful solutions to all clients. We strictly uphold our terms and conditions, adhere to all relevant laws and strive to provide a safe and profitable environment for all of our clients.
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