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BLAM Ads is a private incentive affiliate network with superior content gateway technology and has over 400 incentivize offers spanning 65 countries. BLAM Ads has one mission: to sand ahead as the leading incentive affiliate network while developing unrivaled advertising technology that drives higher profits. BLAM Ads sets itself apart from the competition by paying more, helping more, and providing it’s affiliates with innovative technologies to drive higher profits. BLAM Ads is a division of Eagle Web Assets, Inc. and a sister company of EWA Private Network.

BLAM Ads has a superior content locking gateway that is completely customizable. In addition to our gateway technology, we make it our business to be transparent and honest with our affiliates therefore we never scrub clicks to inflate epc’s. When compared to our competitors in a recent study our affiliates on average experienced 20% more clicks with BLAM Ads vs. our competitors. When you compare apples to apples, you will make more money with our widget.
Featured Offers :
Incentivized EMail Submits, Incentivized Downloads, Incentivized Mobile, Incentivized International , Incentivized Gambling, Incentivized As Seen on TV, Incentivized Zip Submits, Incentivized Free Trials, Incentivized Games, Incentivized Name Branded, Inc 
Minimum Payment :
No minimum for US, $50 for INTL 
Payment Frequency :
Flexible Monthly, Weekly, Daily etc. More info: 
Payment Method :
Check / PayPal / Wire / ACH (Direct Deposit) 
Referral Commission :
Tracking Software :
In-house proprietary platform (BLAM4 Technology) 
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