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If you use AdMob or other mobile ad networks to drive installs of iOS apps, here's some good news: iOS install tracking is coming as a Public Beta in a few weeks to all Google Analytics accounts. This detailed view of iOS install campaigns will be available right in your Google Analytics interface.   Optimize your iOS install marketing programs Install metrics are a useful way to measure your marketing campaign performance. However, not all marketing efforts create the same volume and quality of users. With these new reports, you'll see how one source performs compared to another, so you can optimize your marketing spend. Y

If you're running any sites that make money through Google AdSense, you may want to start being extra careful about the content you're posting. Everybody knows AdSense doesn't allow their ads to be posted on porn sites. But it looks like they may be expanding that restriction a bit.   There have been multiple reports from sites that have gotten warnings from AdSense after publishing articles that had anything to do with sex. One site was given a warning after publishing an article about a porn star’s intellectual property lawsuit. Another was warned about 1 post in a sex advice column. Not the column itself...but that one article.   Ball of Confusion These fl

Aff Playbook owner David Forrd announced yesterday that they will be offering a $1 trial for new forum members.   I’m excited to announce were now offering a trial to check out the Aff Playbook forum. This is something I’ve considered off and on for a while....By offering a limited trial, I’ll be attracting more attention and more users to the forum. This increases the value for everyone because there are more people sharing their expertise, advice, and ideas.   The trial is $1 for 3 days and users get access to the newbie corner, success stories, Aff Robot Tools (forum section) and announcements & contests. The trial can be upgraded t

In what many people will consider a move that is long overdue, Google has finally published a dedicated iPad version of their Google Analytics app.  In the past, those who wanted to get all the great information about their sites would have to use the mobile versions of the site or use an iPhone app. This app is optimized for the larger screen of both the iPad mini and the regular iPad and will give you all the data you could ever want about your sites.

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ClickDealer, a performance-based internet marketing company specializing in Cost Per Action campaigns, has recently been recognized as a certified Google Partner. ClickDealer is proud to be affiliated with the world’s most powerful search engine, and will display its Google Partners badge on its website. The award celebrates ClickDealer’s reliability and transparency, and creates a wide range of benefits and privileges for its partners. What are Google Partners? Google Partners are online marketing companies that excel by using Google’s products and have been marked as trustworthy by Google. Cultivating healthy businesses, happy customers, and the use of Google&r

Rakuten Marketing is unifying and restructuring their core services. The most recently announced rebranding is LinkShare now being dubbed Rakuten Affiliate Network. Here's the full rebranding breakdown:
Rakuten Affiliate Network (formerly LinkShare)
Rakuten Attribution (formerly DC Storm)
Rakuten Display (formerly MediaForge)
Rakuten Search

The Millionaire Network has announced they are going out of business. The owners sent out an e-mail informing their publishers that they are closing their doors:   To Our Publishers,   We regret to inform you that as of this morning, for financial circumstances beyond our control, Millionaire Network, LLC has closed its business. We are in the process of pausing all advertiser campaigns and hope to have them all paused by the end of the day today. The company will be winding up its affairs as quickly as it can and will liquidate its assets and distribute the proceeds to our creditors on a pro rata basis thereafter.   We truly regret that

The Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation, commonly known as CASL, is set to take effect on July 1, 2014. It's very similar to CAN-SPAM here in the U.S. Canada’s upcoming legislation is a way for regulators to help consumers avoid unsolicited commercial messages sent via e-mail, text and other electronic channels.

What is CASL?

CASL is the Canadian anti-spam law that protects Canadian e-mail subscribers (i.e. those who have an e-mail address using a .ca top level domain). The law is broken down into three parts that will require email marketers to have:

Consent – Senders need to get recipient approval to send marketing messages Identification&