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A U.S. district court has ruled that LeadClick Media, an affiliate marketing network, and its parent company, CoreLogic, Inc., must turn over $16 million in ill-gotten gains they received from a deceptive marketing scheme that sold purported weight-loss products.

In granting the FTC’s request for summary judgment, the court ruled that LeadClick was responsible for the false claims made by affiliate marketers it recruited on behalf of LeanSpa, LLC, a company that sold acai berry and “colon cleanse” weight-loss products. According to the FTC’s Complaint, LeanSpa used a “free trial” ploy to enroll consumers into its recurring purchase program that cost


Plenty of Fish recently announced that they are no longer accepting new advertiser sign-ups indefinitely.   They said that this is going to be a trial period to see if they can help existing affiliates succeed instead of bringing in new advertisers and affiliates. The safe assumption is that sign up is closed until further notice.   If you go to, you’ll see that there is no longer a link for you to sign up for a new advertiser account.   PoF Ads has been one of the most popular ad platforms for affiliate marketers for years. It’s been popular for a lot of affiliates who try to break into the CPA world, and with great reason. P

Until now, if you wanted to work together in Prosper202 with a team of people, you had to all use the same login information to access your Prosper202 account. This meant that everyone had the same level of access and permissions to do anything they wanted once they logged in.

With our new role based user permissions you can now have more fine grained control over who has access to login and what they are able to see and do once they login.

Do you have a temp freelance that you need to setup a few campaigns? Just make an account for them, they can now setup offers and landing pages but not have access to your campaign results data.

Prosper202 Pro comes with 4 predefined roles.


Affiliate Window has introduced an attribution payment model which rewards publishers further up the sales funnel which would not normally have received a revenue cut.   The affiliate network has introduced the “top-up” commission feature to ensure bloggers and social publishers are paid if their content has contributed to a subsequent sale on another site.   Using cross-device tracking, Affilitate Window can see when a publisher has contributed to the “click chain” but did not win the sale, or if a publisher has generated the first click in the chain. Another form of assist is when a publisher has contributed a click but the sale was a as

Over the past several years we've seen just about every social network launch their own ad network to help monetize their traffic. LinkedIn has been the exception to this until now.   LinkedIn has just announced that they have launched their own global display ad network, which will take advantage of the massive amount of data they have collected on their 347 million registered users. It's surprising that they didn’t do this sooner, given the fact that their site is primarily focused on working adults, which is a very attractive advertising segment.   To launch the network, LinkedIn has partnered with AppNexus, which already has a number of advertis

Thanks to a new policy Pinterest will no longer be welcoming affiliate links -- leaving Power Pinners powerless to monetize their following.   Major bummer for power pinners. Your affiliate revenue from Pinterest will be coming to a screeching halt. Pinterest has announced that they’ll be removing all “affiliate links, redirects, and trackers on Pins”. An e-mail was sent to a select group of users and assured users that the pins they’ve place will still show up normally, just without the affiliate code appended.   This is obviously a big deal to the power users that helped the service grow as the revenue can be significant and Pinterest ha

We live in a world where people have developed "ad blindness" to varying degrees. But banners are still all over the internet. So somebody is actually clicking on them, right?

Prestige Marketing has created the infographic below to give us some insight on who is actually clicking on our banner ads.



AdsBridge has just launched the beta release of their product, offering free access to marketers worldwide.

AdsBridge is designed to help serious performance marketers – publishers, media buyers, marketing agencies and advertisers – move their business forward and deliver their traffic from A to B while saving time and reaching higher ROI. It doesn’t matter what your experience is, creating campaigns, landing pages, customizable targeting and testing/optimizing is easy thanks to the intuitive interface and the powerful engine which runs it all. Once you have signed up for AdsBridge, full access to a simple landing page builder, powerful tracking tools and a massive tr