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For those of us who work with ClickBank, this is an interesting and important read from the good folks at Affiliorama:

On September 23rd Clickbank will be rolling out a new design change which will potentially have a large impact on sales across their whole network, affecting both merchants and affiliates.

As one of Clickbank’s biggest clients, they’ve let us know in advance. So we’re letting you know.

...Because this is a big deal.  

What is changing?

From what we understand, these are the changes:

Change #1: A compulsory, permanent “Clickbank” banner on sales pages

This is loaded automatically by Clickbank at the top of merchant “pitch p


Well-known performance network Clickbooth announced it has selected Invoca’s Call Intelligence Platform to bring the value of calls to its pay-per-call division. This partnership enables Clickbooth to measure and maximize calls as easily as clicks. Invoca’s platform will give Clickbooth the ability to easily track all costs and revenue associated with their clients’ pay-per-call campaigns.   “Consumer behavior and performance marketing evolve together. In today’s mobile age, our pay-per-call integration with Invoca provides advertisers the inbound call intelligence needed to optimize consumer engagement and increase revenue. Pay-per-call is a

According to a recent announcement, Facebook is beta testing a new video matching technology, which will allow the creators of videos to quickly identify where their videos are being shared and have them reported to Facebook for removal if less than ethical means were used. The announcement from Facebook said, “Our matching tool will evaluate millions of video uploads quickly and accurately, and when matches are surfaced, publishers will be able to report them to us for removal."   The current version is only being tested by a very limited number of media companies and multi-channel network creators. However, it will be rolled out to a bigger audience after the bet

MaxBounty is now offering all of its affiliates the option to have their payments be made in the form of bitcoin. This is something you may have already heard about. Chances are if you’re a MaxBounty affiliate, this is of interest to you.   Although not everyone is going to want to be paid by cryptocurrency, having the option isn’t a bad idea. If you’ve recently become interested in bitcoin and would like to combine that interest with your affiliate marketing, MaxBounty aims to be the go-to CPA network for you to do that.   If you’re unsure of why someone would want to be paid in bitcoin rather than your typical payment options, take a loo

Market experts have been predicting this transition for quite some time. Now it’s finally here: mobile use has surpassed desktop in the United States, Canada and Great Britain, according to a recent study by comScore. Many brands in the U.S. are discovering that mobile is increasingly the only means of use for their digital consumers.   With mobile showing no signs of slowing down, what does this mean for today’s marketers?   Embrace Mobile Content Marketing With consumers in three major markets including the U.S., Canada, and the United Kingdom embracing a mobile-first mindset, it’s a proven game changer for those who heed the call and inco

The New York Times has recently announced that they are launching their own mobile ad platform. The platform will be called “The Mobile Moments”. It will be used to display mobile readers with relevant ads based on the content of the page that is being displayed. The platform doesn't seem to be advanced or innovative; but that's not really necessary for the New York Times.   The Mobile Moments will allow the Times to have greater control over when and where their ads are displayed compared to going through a third party platform. The ads will be created by T Brand Studio, which is the New York Times’ in-house commercial content group.  

When Instagram announced in June that it would introduce call-to-action buttons, it also mentioned that it would open the Instagram Ads API. That day has finally come.   The Instagram Ads API Partner program launched Tuesday, with launch partners including:   Ampush Brand Networks 4C Kenshoo Nanigans Salesforce Marketing Cloud SocialCode Unified   Instagram Ads API Partners will be able to perform tasks including scheduling and publishing content to the Facebook-owned photo- and video-sharing network, monitoring audiences and sharing access to Instagram accounts across teams.   Instagram di

Prosper202 Pro 1.9.16 launched over the weekend. If you're a Prosper202 Pro client and have the 1-click upgrade functionality installed and working, you should automatically get the version installed. You can also login to the dashboard at to download the latest version of Prosper202 Pro. What's New in Prosper202 1.9.16 The biggest update is that you can now install Prosper202 Pro in a subdirectory. You are no longer limited to using the root directory or a dedicated subdomain. This means it's now much easier to have Prosper202 installed on the domain that matches your landing pages. On some traffic sources this can be advantageous. But