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Clickbooth is shutting down their affiliate network as it is and moving to creating the next step in performance marketing....the first Performance Marketing Exchange!   “The marketplace is evolving to a smarter marketplace and a disruption of the norm is being demanded. Clickbooth has created a solution for all of the hassles that affiliates deal with – offer testing, cap management, targeting, etc., all while yielding 20-30% higher EPCs. For advertisers, we provide real time, value-based bidding on a CPA and CPC basis with hyper targeting for our exclusive affiliate traffic channels. This patent pending technology is a direct result of client feedback, 13+ y

After 3 years, we have to say goodbye to a venture that pioneered and revolutionised spying on your adult media buying competition. AdultAdSpy is closing its doors. The software owner cites a lack of capable web developers to take on the project as the reason.   The original team who coded AdultAdSpy went out of business and Jay (the owner) hasn't been able to find a replacement.   If you didn’t get a cancelation e-mail, please click here: Click and cancel/refund your membership.   If you are looking for an alternative to AdultAdSpy, try out NativeAdBuzz or WhatRunsWhere. Both of them are solid tools run by great people.

YouTube has been beta testing ad formats specifically for shopping over the last several months and apparently they believe them to be a big success. The ads, known as TrueView for Shopping, have moved out of beta and are being added to the list of options for all AdWords users.   The ads allow merchants to display their products within videos while the actual products are shown to the right. The products can be pulled automatically from a Merchant Center product feed to help make setting this up even easier.   This is essentially a step forward from the traditional product placement ads where brands would pay television or movie producers to user their products

PeerFly CEO Chad French released a letter recently that had some awesome announcements for their affiliates.

As the CEO of PeerFly, I wanted a creative way to try and connect with the 70,000+ PeerFly Publishers from across the globe. So, I came up with what I’m calling, “The PeerFly Letter.” This will be a periodic update by me on where we’re heading as a company and some of the innovative services and features we’re building that sets us apart from everyone else in the herd.

When I built and launched PeerFly from my 2-bedroom apartment back in early 2009, I had no idea it would grow into the beautiful company it ultimately became. We’ve b


Prosper202 Lite is no more. It's being replaced with Prosper202 Pro.   From now on there will only be one free version of Prosper202, and it will be Prosper202 Pro. Starting today, ul and advanced version of Prosper202 is available to download 100% free.   You'll get access to all the current powerful features we have built into Pro such as: The new DataEngine 2.0 for blazing fast reports. Multi-user accounts to allow others to login to your Prosper202 account with their own login and permissions CPA cost tracking Dynamic Content Segments to dynamically display the geo locations, browser info and other variables on your landing p

The Vice-President of Google Display Network’s product management gave a keynote discussion at SMX East in New York. During the talk, he made a significant announcement about changes that are currently being rolled out into the Google Display Network.   “I’m pleased to announce that GDN is moving to 100% viewable. We’re going to migrate all of the CPMs in the system to viewable CPMs. All advertisers will be able to see viewable metrics so they can make better decisions.”  - Brad Bender   Why is this significant? Google had said in the past that up to 56% of their online display ads were never actually seen on a screen. The

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Advertising on Instagram has been on everyone’s lips recently. With this month’s announcement of a global launch and suite of additional products (including 30-second video ads and a guaranteed delivery premium product) the fervor has only heightened.

This is certain to play a large factor in holiday season advertising and upcoming Q4 media plans, as brands line up to take advantage of Instagram’s passionate and highly engaged user base. However, Instagram is still a very unknown entity for most brands and agencies, which can be daunting in the lead-up to the all-important holiday buying season.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the current