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A new report from Distil Network came out looking at the state of traffic on the Internet.  This is the third annual report that looks largely at how bots and any other non-human traffic is impacting the web today.  Some good news to start with is that more total traffic is now coming from humans than bots, which is certainly a good thing and something that hasn’t happened since 2013.

In this report it was found that bots are responsible for about 46% of total Internet traffic.  This is obviously a very significant amount, and something that should be a cause for concern to any marketers or others engaged in online activities.

No all bot traffic is bad, howeve


Starting today (March 21, 2016) 7Search will be deploying a revised dashboard with new features to improve the experience marketers receive across their network.    So what’s new? Phrase Match Phrase Match has been improved to deliver better results for advertisers and is now the default setting for all new keywords. Keywords that were previously set to Broad match will now be set to Phrase match in all accounts. Broad Match Broad Match has been improved to deliver better exposure and is now available as an optional match type by default. Please note that this match type will now deliver a true Broad match experience and is best applied to single ke

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In what has been one of the longest legal battles ever, it seems that Affiliate Marketing Troll company Essociate may finally be gone. One can only assume all the companies now that have been harassed will be turning around and suing them completely out of business for their unethical and now invalid actions against the industry. Now that they have been exposed, it looks like the next step is wish them a fond farewell and goodbye.


Sarasota, FL – Clickbooth is pleased to announce that on March 11, 2016, during the appeal of the Essociate, Inc. v., LLC suit, the Federal Circu


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You’ve heard the saying, “You’ve got to leap before you fly.” This is certainly true when it comes to crafting a call to action (CTA) on your landing page.   Consider the analogy. The “leap” is the call to action sending your visitor “flying” to your desired target.   While creating the perfect CTA may sound challenging, we’ve put together seven ways you can build an irresistible CTA on your landing page.   With our seven tips, you’ll soon have people leaping to your target. First, let’s define the

Charles Ngo is a well-known and respected internet marketer and a good guy. Here he discusses affiliate marketers and list building.

What do you think is the biggest downside of being an affiliate marketer?

Common answers I’ve heard:

The competition ripping your campaigns The up and down of the industry Working alone all day in your basement

They’re all valid.

My #1 downside would be that most of us aren’t building any long-term assets. Some Americans are living paycheck to paycheck…some affiliates are living campaign to campaign!

We’re kinda running half a business. The positive of affiliate


Mobiquity Networks, a network of U.S. retail, mall-based mobile advertising beacons, announced it is collaborating with Screenvisionto install beacons in 300 theater complexes to form a movie theater advertising and data network to engage consumers with brands. This deal marks one of the first wide-scale deployments of beacons inside movie theaters.

The growth of technology has presented opportunities for theater owners, movie studios and brands to augment the movie theater experience with interactive games, targeted pre/post-show ads, and other campaigns that can be delivered to mobile devices. The collaboration between Mobiquity Networks and Screenvision will bring beacons


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Ribs? Check. Chip-dip variety? Duh. This isn’t your first Super Bowl—you have a strategy, and maybe not just for the perfect game day buffet. You’ve got your social campaign ready to go for the big game. What’s your secret weapon? YouTube. Here’s how it’ll help your brand bring home a win.

1 It Gets You Where the Action Is

The game’s most memorable moments create the perfect opportunity to get in front of viewers or drive them to your YouTube channel when they want to relive the moment later on. Whether it’s the epic tackle, the hilarious commercial, or Katy


eBay Enterprise Marketing Solutions has recently announced that they are acquiring the international performance marketing firm, Affiliate Traction.  The specific details regarding the amount they are paying or when everything will be finalized are not yet released, but this acquisition makes them the world’s largest affiliate marketing agency.   Affiliate Traction is based out of Silicon Valley and operates offices in Sydney, London and Toronto.  They offer full-service affiliate marketing management and much more to customers.  By working closely with companies and affiliates they help to match up affiliates with the right retailers and then further hel