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It was quiet on the surface this week here. We've got some exciting articles, interviews and other cool happenings coming your way soon.

Until then, let's update you on what's been happening this week.

The Network Grows

This week saw the introduction of 1 new affiliate network to the community!

So let's give a big welcome to:

Crush Ads

Be sure to check out their network page and stay tuned for their network updates.



Get Social with Us

Come and join us in our social groups. We would love to see you getting involved in the discussions and it offers another opportunity to keep up to date with the latest affiliate news.

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July 2013 NRU Network of the Month

Our network of the month for July is PeerFly. PeerFly was launched in 2009. One unique characteristic of this company is that although they've made tremendous strides and a great impression in the industry, they're still a very small company. Recent Accomplishments: #1 Affiliate Network (Perfomance Marketing Insider, 2012) #1 Affiliate Manager (Performance Marketing Insider, 2012) Top 20 Network (Revenue Performance Magazine, 2012) PeerFly consistently goes above and beyond for their affiliates. If you aren't a PeerFly publisher, we highly recommend you join this network and see how awesome their team is.


We all know that SEOMoz is now simply Moz.

Their conference is coming up on July 8th - 10th in Seattle, Washington.

Launch your inbound marketing skills into outer space by attending this year's MozCon! For three days, we bring you amazing, future-thinking content from industry leaders, deep diving into SEO, social media, marketing analytics, content strategy, data science, and so much more. You're sure to come back home with a universe's worth of actionable knowledge to start implementing.

Unfortunately, I can't attend this year because of a scheduling conflict. But I would love to hear from anybody that is going.

If you haven't purchased you ticket yet, you can g


It's been an interesting week here at and we thank everyone for their support so far. We've got some exciting articles and interviews coming your way soon.

Until then, let's update you on what's been happening this week.

The Network Grows

This week saw the introduction of 5 new affiliate networks to the community!

So let's give a big welcome to:

A4D Fresh Advert LLC CPAfull RevMonetizer Pvt. Ltd. SevenMaxMedia

Be sure to check out their network pages and stay tuned for their network updates.


The New Kid on the Block

In case you haven't noticted, there is a new admin at NRU


We have now launched some pre-made banner rotators for affiliates!Choose from a 468x60, 300x250, 728x90, 160x600 and 125x125 banner rotator for your website(s).The banner rotators auto optimise meaning after time it will show the banners which generate you more revenue (RPM) than others, taking the work out of deciding which offer to promote on your site and also saving you time updating it with new creatives, we will add new creatives on the fly to the banner rotator, for you!Also our banner rotators geo target. So for example UK users will see a banner for an offer which allows UK traffic and an AU user will see a banner for an offer which allows AU traffic and so on, as long as an offer i



We have some great news! From today we are giving live support for Affiliates and Advertisers.

Need approval to an offer? Want to get an advertiser offer pushed live to affiliates? Get an instant answer from one of our agents with our live chat support, which you will find in the bottom right hand corner of every page.

Live chat is integrated directly into the interface so there is no need to install any applications or software.

When you click to get live support it asks you for your account email, so our agent can easily find your account – saving both you and us time in helping solving your query.


It's official, after many months of hard work and late nights, Oliver Kenyon of yesterday officially announced the launch of his eagerly anticipated 'The Dojo', an exclusive CPA marketing forum.

Now I won't waste your time sitting here telling you every little last detail as that's for you to head over and find out, we all know Oliver is big figure in this industry and he is going from strength to strength so if that is anything to go by, you are definitely going to want to be a part of The Dojo.

What is The Dojo?

To put it briefly, The Dojo is an exclusive CPA Marketing forum that enables you to network and work alongside some big industry figures includi


Welcome to the weekly network roundup for the week ending February 1st. February already!? Crazy eh? 2013 has been a great year so far and we hope it continues that way.

It's been a solid week here at NRU with lots going on behind the scenes and everything finally coming together but what has been happening on the forefront?

Welcome to our new networks

Firstly, let's give a warm welcome to a few new networks to join the community here at NRU. Admittedly some of them have joined in previous weeks but we've been lacking in posting our round up!

VIP AffiliatesCPAweedsCPAFuturesUniqueAffiliateOne World Network

Be sure to head over to their network pages linked above and see wh

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