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Between traveling and having my phone mutiny against a software update, I finally got a chance to take a look at AdWork Media's mobile app.

App Functionality

In the app, you're able to take a look at your stats like clicks, earnings, EPC, etc. You can also open support tickets and get news updates.

App Aesthetics

Visually, the app is easy on the eyes and easy to navigate. I'm using the iPhone version. There is a version for Android devices as well.



Be sure to check out Adwork Media's mobile app. It's a nice tool to have if you work with Adwork Media.


As a guy with a programming background, I realize that not everyone is a programmer. With that being said, all of you affiliate marketers out there who need to build a squeeze page but don't have any coding experience can start smiling.

I found this tool via Ivan Ong. It's free. It works well. Did I mention it's free?  



Head on over to SqueezePro and get access to this free squeeze page generation tool. It's well worth your time.