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By now, many of you are already aware that a new version of Prosper202 1.9.31 has launched.
Check out this new information you should be aware of:

Multi-currency support

Prosper202 has a huge international user base, as of today we have users in 4,010 cities spread across 151 countries. The majority of our users are no longer in the US, which is why we now provide the ability to show earnings in your local currency.
You can now set an account currency for Prosper202, and also a currency for each of the offer you promote. From now on we will perform real time currency conversion for all your offers and ensure they are always up to date.
That means that if you are in Europe and work with US based networks, but want to know how much you earning are worth in Euros, you will no longer have to perform manual conversions.

Transaction ids for multi-step conversion tracking

Many of you are building more complicated funnels and offers where a user can convert on more than one offer such as an upsell or maybe you are looking to track sales and leads separately.
With our transaction id functionality, you can now let Prosper202 know about each of your conversions for a single subid via transaction ids. So for example if leads are worth $5 and sales are worth $20 you can first leads with a value of $5 and a transaction id of 1, and sales with a value of $20 with a transaction id of 2. For people who convert on both actions prosper202 will be able to display 2 conversion with a total value of $25.

Exporting for Google Adwords Offline Conversions

If you are running mobile campaigns via Adwords, most times you are not able to fire regular conversion pixels and must use Postbacks. Unfortunatley Adwords doesn't have a postback url, so it's been difficult to get conversion data back into adwords for optimization purposes.
With support for Google Adwords Conversions. We are able to Export all your conversion data from Prosper202 Pro into a csv format the Adwords can then use to link your external conversion to the clicks purchased.

New Smart Redirector Rules

We've added more flexibility to our Smart Redirector to enable you to setup custom rules based on the data in the C1-C4 custom variables. You can also create rules based on the t202kw keywords, Google utm variables, referer url or even repeat clicks.
You can now also enter IP ranges for filtering and redirects instead of entering hundreds of unique IPs. We support the following formats:1
Wildcard format: 1.2.3.* 
CIDR format: 1.2.3/24 OR 
Start-End IP format:

Auto Database Optimization

If you are generating high volumes of clicks, you will notice that as your database gets bigger, it takes longer to run reports. We've done a lot of optimizations on this problem and for users doing fresh installs of Prosper202 Pro, this is not as much of an issue. However if you are upgrading older installations this will be very helpful in helping keep things snappy. We have made it possible to tell Prosper202 Pro how many days worth of data to keep in the database.
Doing this enables you to easily manage the size of your databases and keep them running quickly at all times. You no longer need a database tech to keep your old data from slowing down your reporting.
We plan to add more functionality here. For now please be away that the old data is being deleted. Later on we'd like to allow you to archive old data into a secondary database.

JVZoo JVZIPN & Zaxaa ZPN integration

If you run campaigns as an affiliate on JVZoo or Zaxxa, we now have the ability to automatically send conversion data into Prosper202 Pro without out having to manually upload CSV data, or ask the merchant to place pixels for you. This is all done via their APIs and it allows us to also track subscription revenue, upsells, refunds so you can have the most accurate earnings data at all times.

Enhanced Clickbank Sales notification support

We've had the Clickbank Sales notification API integration for some time now, but with this new update, we are able to now automatically update Prosper when you get commissions for recurring sales and upsells. We'll also automatically remove commissions for refunds.

Brand new design for step 9 pixels and postback page.

You will notice that the design of our pixels and postback page has been greatly simplified. It's much less confusing and gives your instant access to all the code you need for your pixels and postback in one simple step.

Prosper202 Customer API key to unlock extra Premium functionality

Now that we have introduced Premium versions of Prosper202 Pro, we have created a new Customer API Key. This allows you to easily upgrade Prosper202 to new premium versions that we release. All this is done directly from your Prosper202 without having to enter any payment details.
It's important to note that you should never share your Prosper202 Customer API Key with anyone since this key will enable them to make purchases using your saved billing details.

New: Group overview report now includes pagination for reports with multiple pages

We've made large reports on the group overview page run faster by adding pagination. For certain reports, the speed increase 5-10x faster.

Support for Memcached in addition to Memcache

For those of you on PHP7 we now have support for Memcached in addition to Memcache.

Support for MySQL Strict Mode

Newer versions of MySQL now come with strict mode enabled by default. This has caused some of you the errors and problems using Prosper202. For our new release, we made all the needed changes to ensure everything works smoothly even when strict mode is turned on.
There are a whole lot of other updates and fixes included in this new version. Here's a full change log and everything included in this new release.

Full Change Log For Prosper202 ClickServer Pro Version 1.9.31

New: Multi Currency Support. Prosper202 automatically converts payouts into your local currency.
New: Support for windows servers with php installed
New: Support transaction ids that allow tracking of multi-step offers
New: Subid upload page now support transaction ids
New: Adwords Offline Conversions Export
New: Clickbank support for multiple conversions, upsells and refunds
New: Ability To Redirect Filtered Visitors in Smart Redirector
New: Ability To Redirect by C1-C4 value Smart Redirector
New: Ability To Redirect by t202kw value in Smart Redirector
New: Ability To Redirect by utm variables value in Smart Redirector
New: Ability To Redirect by referer value in Smart Redirector
New: Optimized redirect speeds for Smart Redirector
New: Mobile App Deeplinks support for campaign urls
New: Pixel url validation for Universal Smart Pixel
New: Smart Redirector support for ip ranges
New: Auto Database Optimization - Keeps your database size optimized automatically
New: Custom Variables report runs multiple times faster
New: Support for transaction ids in pixels, postbacks and manual conversion uploads
New: Brand new design for step 9 pixels and postback page.
New: Prosper202 Customer API key to unlock extra Premium functionality
New: Group overview report now includes pagination for reports with multiple pages
New: Support for Memcached in addition to Memcache
New: Support for MySQL Strict Mode
Fixed: Fixed Bug where smart rotators and advanced landing pages were not showing in step 8
Fixed: APC Bug where cache wasn't being cleared on upgrade
Fixed: Smart Rotators modal loads correctly
Fixed: No errors show when DNI server is offline
Fixed: Improved click deletion functions
Fixed: Error in spy/visitor view display when location was unknown
Fixed: Dynamic Bid for Simple Landing Pages is recognized
Fixed: For some users setup tab was missing after an upgrade
Fixed: Fixed support for all tag in Smart Redirector so it's case insensitive
Fixed: Fix for auto increment sometimes being set to 0 in the clicks counter
Fixed: Advanced Landing Page Smart Redirector works better for split tests
Fixed: Date formatted in US format in account overview
Fixed: Password reset emails were not getting sent
Fixed: In visitor/spy view, No PPC Network selection filters correctly
Fixed: Ability to disable mysql strict mode
Fixed: Improved installation script to reduct errors
Fixed: Improved pagination for reports with multiple pages
Fixed: Conversion logs no longer shows errors when you choose a custom time range
Update: Removed report caching feature
Update: Conversion Logs moved into main reports section
Update: Optimized Analyze Variables Report for speed
Update: Visitors download report now includes revenue column

Here's How To Upgrade To Prosper202 Pro

The first step to upgrading to Prosper202 Pro version 1.9.31 is to get an account at and generating your Prosper202 customer API Key. We also havefull instructions here.


In order to upgrade to Prosper202 Pro 1.9.31 you need to be on Prosper202 Pro version 1.9.30.
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