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PeerFly CEO Chad French released a letter recently that had some awesome announcements for their affiliates.

As the CEO of PeerFly, I wanted a creative way to try and connect with the 70,000+ PeerFly Publishers from across the globe. So, I came up with what I’m calling, “The PeerFly Letter.” This will be a periodic update by me on where we’re heading as a company and some of the innovative services and features we’re building that sets us apart from everyone else in the herd.

When I built and launched PeerFly from my 2-bedroom apartment back in early 2009, I had no idea it would grow into the beautiful company it ultimately became. We’ve been pegged as the #1 Affiliate Network across multiple publications for years now and even though we continually lead in advertiser and publisher satisfaction, I feel we’ve only scratched the surface of our full capability and potential. We don’t want to be pigeonholed into a specific segment of a specific industry doing specific and predictable things. We want to break away from the herd mentality of just an “Affiliate Network” and become something unique – something only we can become.

I want to first highlight 5 great, exclusive features that you can only find at PeerFly:

  • We’ve been making payments daily (YES, DAILY!), upon request, since 2010 through our Cash Flow program.
  • We pay a 5% lifetime commission on any publisher you refer to PeerFly. We have publishers that receive checks every month based on affiliates they referred to us 6 years ago!
  • We developed a lucrative program called “Mobile Money” that ensures you’re earning the most from any mobile traffic being picked up by a non-mobile-friendly offer you’re promoting. This is an automatic upgrade on your EPCs, just by using PeerFly.
  • For our many blogging/website publishers, we built a dynamic banner rotator based completely on PeerFly offers. You can choose to only display specific sizes, specific verticals, and/or even specific keywords. If you’re running CPC ads on your site, try the PeerFly Banner Rotator. With BILLIONS of impressions served, I think you’ll be delighted with the results!
  • For publishers that only market in a particular vertical, we built a vertical split-tester that figures out which offer(s) convert best on your traffic and filter out the offers that don’t. All done automatically and with a single link!

I’d now like to announce 3 AMAZING new programs and features available to all PeerFly publishers by the end of the year!

Training Center
Earlier this year we asked our publishers what we could provide that would greatly benefit them as an affiliate. The #1 answer was TRAINING. Since then, we’ve kicked around ideas on what we could do to implement the best training and resources program available to any affiliate on the planet. I’m proud to announce that we’ve started development on a powerful training system that will be built right into the publisher’s area on PeerFly! Everything from how-to articles, traffic case studies, exclusive guides, traffic source tutorials and much more! The best part is it will be updated daily!

Personal Tracking Domains
We’re putting an end to blocked links forever! A lot of advertising platforms block known affiliate tracking domains due to it being associated with the first non-compliant offer advertised using that particular domain. It’s impossible to protect the reputation of a single tracking domain when thousands of people are using it.

In the coming weeks, you’ll be able to add your own personal tracking domain to PeerFly that will only be used on the offers you are running. That means you can freely advertise across many platforms without running into domain issues… forever!

Today, 1 in 8 people suffer from chronic hunger with the majority of those being children. PeerFly is committed to helping change this statistic – one conversion at a time. Therefore, my final and proudest update is a new program we’re starting called, “Convert4Food”.

Last year, over a 5-day span before Christmas, PeerFly raised enough money with the help of our publishers to feed over 10,000 people! This year we’re stepping it up. From November 16th to December 31st, PeerFly will donate a small portion of food for every single conversion a publisher receives. All you have to do is use PeerFly and you’ll automatically begin feeding children and families in need. You can log on at anytime to see how many people you’ve personally helped feed over the holiday season!

Thank you to every one of our publishers and clients for doing business with PeerFly over the years. We will continue to stay on the cutting edge of innovation, features and services that will help you earn the most money in your online marketing efforts. We’re steadfast on being the best in everything we do because we want everything you do to be successful!



Chad French
Founder & CEO
PeerFly, Inc.


Kudos to Chad and the rest of the great people at PeerFly.

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