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Now Open - The Dojo, Exclusive CPA Marketing Forum

It's official, after many months of hard work and late nights, Oliver Kenyon of yesterday officially announced the launch of his eagerly anticipated 'The Dojo', an exclusive CPA marketing forum.

Now I won't waste your time sitting here telling you every little last detail as that's for you to head over and find out, we all know Oliver is big figure in this industry and he is going from strength to strength so if that is anything to go by, you are definitely going to want to be a part of The Dojo.

What is The Dojo?

To put it briefly, The Dojo is an exclusive CPA Marketing forum that enables you to network and work alongside some big industry figures including the likes of Ian Fernando, Luke Kling and of course Oliver Kenyon himself.

The forum is crammed full of hints and tips on many aspects of CPA marketing, from offer selection all the way through to conversion optimization and more guides are uploaded every day. Below is just a selection of the 20+ different topics available in The Dojo.

Along with these guides and topics comes access to proven landing pages, case studies and walkthroughs that allow you to ask any questions and get an insight in to how to make some serious money online (there's a little preview below)

The Dojo Exclusive CPA marketing forum

You want to know the best part?

It's all well and good telling you how incredibly awesome and amazing it is inside the forum but let's be honest, if you're just starting out or are new to the game then you might not have hundreds of dollars to fork out on forum subscriptions every month...

Well don't then. Oliver has opened up The Dojo for a ONE TIME payment of only $97! Crazy right? No recurring monthly fees (which are usually higher than $97 anyway) and you get lifetime access to the forum, including all future updates, guides, case studies.... all of it.

Oliver has always had the philosophy that he wants to earn money WITH his members and not FROM them and he makes no exception with The Dojo. There is an affiliate program included inside where he helps you to make money by promoting the exclusive forum (around $40 per new member!) which means you can earn your one time payment back with a few of sales.

Enough talking...

If you want to make some serious money online then head over to The Dojo and check it out today.

Visit The Dojo here.


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