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I call this the birth as it's almost as if the site has been reborn. 

The only reason the site didn't blow when we first put it out was because it wasn't ready. I wasn't ready either. For those of you who know me i have been incredibly busy this year establishing my company and focusing on However i always kept a hold on this project as i knew one day it would click. Despite receiving several chances to sell the site and concept!

Andy Haskins

I have recently acquired a small team that works with me day to day on my websites and projects. Every once in awhile in business someone will force themselves into your plans and for me that person was Andy Haskins.

Andy is a bright, intelligent, and enthusiastic entrepreneur who contacted me via CPAFix as we lived relatively close. After several phone calls and meetings i was very impressed with Andy's attitude and eagerness to learn in business. I have always been told that adding a fresh face with new ideas into your team can really benefit you, and this is certainly the case.

Andy was appointed managing partner of NetworkRoundUp and gave me the new lease of energy to get this project rolling. He is now very much part of the team as we strive to get this project achieving what we and others know it can! After several months of planing and additions being implemented  both on and of the website, we are now ready to relaunch or launch

I'd like to introduce you to Andy Haskins,

Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank K for inviting me to partner with him on this venture. It’s one hell of a resource and it’s going to go a long way so stick around!

I won’t bore you with my life story but give you a little insight in to who I am, what I do and what I will be doing here at

I’m a 23 year old internet marketer from Bristol, UK. I’ve been involved in marketing now for around 6 years, launching my first financial website on Google Adwords back when I was 17. From there I never looked back and since have managed to learn so much stuff about the marketing industry that I will be sharing with you guys right here.

I’ve teamed up with K to carry out the day to day tasks here at NetworkRoundup and will be one of the main guys behind the screen. I’ll be pushing out some unmissable guides, reviews and interviews with some of the industry’s leading figures (you won’t want to miss these). 

When I’m not sat at a computer you will find me either watching football (soccer to some of you), admiring cars (no, not Ford Fiestas) or drinking a stupid amount of coffee.

I look forward to seeing you all more often around here. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any comments or questions!

Now Open

I will be heavily involved with NetworkRoundUp along side my other projects but Andy will be the main force behind the day to day proceedings. You can find out more about the site and how it will benefit you on our about us page.

Please do not hesitate to contact either of us with any questions, queries or assistance with using the site.

We are now here for the long run and cannot wait to get this project finally going.

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