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The Facebook ads API partner SocialClicks recently announced that the company has released the latest feature of its Advanced Technology Suite called Predictive Automated Bid Optimization.
This new feature will allow Facebook marketers to let Facebook campaigns run themselves when they’re away. This is designed to guarantee the best rates overnight or over a long periods of away time.
SocialClicks Founder & CEO Alon Michaeli had this to say about the new feature:
Our latest optimization algorithms provide clients with game-changing results. Not only does this technology make life simpler for marketers tasked with the 24/7 job of managing Facebook campaigns, but it leads to the acquisition of new high quality users, while significantly reducing costs and the risk associated with any digital campaign.
Predictive Automated Bid Optimization can govern changes to both bids and budgets on ad and campaign levels the moment they’re launched. It allows marketers to keep tabs on their campaign without doing so manually all the time. Once basic preferences for campaign control are set, ads are optimized based on the predefined goals and targets. Algorithms are continually updated with real-time and historical information from campaign and individual ad analytics.
SocialClicks clients who have already been using this are reporting an average of a 16% reduction in cost per acquisition.
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