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Prosper202 Pro 1.9.16 launched over the weekend. If you're a Prosper202 Pro client and have the 1-click upgrade functionality installed and working, you should automatically get the version installed. You can also login to the dashboard at to download the latest version of Prosper202 Pro.

What's New in Prosper202 1.9.16

The biggest update is that you can now install Prosper202 Pro in a subdirectory. You are no longer limited to using the root directory or a dedicated subdomain. This means it's now much easier to have Prosper202 installed on the domain that matches your landing pages. On some traffic sources this can be advantageous. But it's also going to improve tracking of certain visitors better since Prosper202 cookies will no longer be 3rd party cookies.
In Prosper202 Pro 1.9.16, you will now get automatically redirected to the page you were looking to view before you logged in. This is more of a convenience tweak.
They've created a very tight two-way integration between Wordpress and Prosper202 Pro. This means landing pages you create in Wordpress will automatically get created and setup in Prosper202. All landing pages you create in Prosper202 will also be synced up with Wordpress so you can simply pick from a dropdown and start working. The plugin ensures that you won't have to manually setup the LP Javascript code needed for tracking. Additionally, short codes have been created for linking out to your offers. 
There are new offers available from networks that require more transparency between you, the network and the offer owner. Some networks are now requesting referrer information to be passed in via a subid tracking variable. Two new tokens to Prosper202 Pro allow you easily comply with these requests, they are [[referer]] & [[referrer]].
More information on Prosper202 Pro 1.9.16 can be found here.


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