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Prosper202 Lite is no more. It's being replaced with Prosper202 Pro.
From now on there will only be one free version of Prosper202, and it will be Prosper202 Pro. Starting today, ul and advanced version of Prosper202 is available to download 100% free.
You'll get access to all the current powerful features we have built into Pro such as:
  • The new DataEngine 2.0 for blazing fast reports.
  • Multi-user accounts to allow others to login to your Prosper202 account with their own login and permissions
  • CPA cost tracking
  • Dynamic Content Segments to dynamically display the geo locations, browser info and other variables on your landing pages with no coding
  • Advanced 3rd Party Pixel and postback firing via our Universal Smart Pixels
  • Wordpress plugin that makes it easy to use Prosper202 with Wordpress

Paid Support Plans

Although Prosper202 Pro is now 100% free, there will be paid support plans available for everyone. There is a built-in support widget in every copy of Prosper202 that gives you direct live chat access. If you are already a paid Prosper202 Pro user, you will be contacted to be converted over to the new support plans once they are live.
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