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Plenty of Fish recently announced that they are no longer accepting new advertiser sign-ups indefinitely.
They said that this is going to be a trial period to see if they can help existing affiliates succeed instead of bringing in new advertisers and affiliates. The safe assumption is that sign up is closed until further notice.
If you go to, you’ll see that there is no longer a link for you to sign up for a new advertiser account.
PoF Ads has been one of the most popular ad platforms for affiliate marketers for years. It’s been popular for a lot of affiliates who try to break into the CPA world, and with great reason. PoF is one of the most stable traffic sources out there to generate income.
This presents a huge opportunity for anyone who has created a PoF Ads account in the past because this traffic source has (1) been very profitable and consistent once you figure it out, and (2) been very popular with new entrants that often drive the costs up. But now, there are no more new entrants and less competition to bid up traffic costs.
As time goes on, as the newer affiliates eventually drop out, and there are no new entrants, this leaves whoever is dedicated to the traffic source to fill all of the traffic inventory. This should be very good news for those who are already profitable, or anyone who has had experience advertising on PoF in the past.
If you need a PoF Ads account or have a PoF Ads account lying somewhere that you don't plan to use, please contact PoF directly. They are experimenting with the idea of facilitating the exchange of accounts.
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