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The New York Times has recently announced that they are launching their own mobile ad platform. The platform will be called “The Mobile Moments”. It will be used to display mobile readers with relevant ads based on the content of the page that is being displayed. The platform doesn't seem to be advanced or innovative; but that's not really necessary for the New York Times.
The Mobile Moments will allow the Times to have greater control over when and where their ads are displayed compared to going through a third party platform. The ads will be created by T Brand Studio, which is the New York Times’ in-house commercial content group.
In a statement released about this, NYT Senior VP of Advertising and Innovation Sebastian Tomich said, “Mobile Moments is the first phase of a long-term mobile native advertising solution that will continue to evolve. Based on the success our newsroom has had with moment-based targeting for its journalism, the commercial side of our organization has adopted similar tools, templates and insights and tailored them to suit our advertisers’ needs.”
There hasn't been much information released on marketers getting their ads into the platform. The New York Times may just offer the service to their existing large advertiser, at least at the beginning. Having the Times create a platform like this, however, is a great sign for the long term continued growth of mobile advertising in general.
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