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Never miss an affiliate news update, ever.

We admit it, it's been pretty quiet on the forefront here whilst we work on some key changes to the backend, however we've made it our mission at to be able to provide you with a platform to gain the latest affiliate news and we want to be able to make this possible across as many different social networks as we can. 

What does this mean? We are working closely with networks to start promoting and using certain methods when promoting their latest affiliate news, below is a little snapshot of what to look out for when browsing social media sites for the latest news.


Want the latest affiliate news? Firstly, be sure to follow the NetworkRoundup Twitter for details on our latest articles.

Along with this we have created a dedicated hashtag, 'affiliatenews' which can be used to keep up with the latest tweets direct from the networks about their latest offers, payouts and competitions.



To keep up to date with the latest affiliate news on Facebook you can join our Facebook Group, dedicated to providing you with the latest updates from the networks and leading industry professionals.

Google+ Communities

Finally on the list is Google+ Communities. If you are currently a G+ user then be sure to join the discussion at the Community which can be found here.

Don't miss a thing!

As well as regularly visiting that should be enough to keep you up to date with the latest happenings in the affiliate marketing industry.

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