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Clickbooth is shutting down their affiliate network as it is and moving to creating the next step in performance marketing....the first Performance Marketing Exchange!
“The marketplace is evolving to a smarter marketplace and a disruption of the norm is being demanded. Clickbooth has created a solution for all of the hassles that affiliates deal with – offer testing, cap management, targeting, etc., all while yielding 20-30% higher EPCs. For advertisers, we provide real time, value-based bidding on a CPA and CPC basis with hyper targeting for our exclusive affiliate traffic channels. This patent pending technology is a direct result of client feedback, 13+ years of industry insight and billions of data points.”
With the evolution of becoming the industry’s first Performance Exchange came Clickbooth’s development of their link optimization platform, LEAP, fueled by a proprietary, patent pending learning algorithm. This technology, created and led by CTO of Clickbooth, Dzenis Softic and his team, is at the center of this performance marketing revolution. Dzenis is no stranger to affiliate marketing himself – he was the founder and owner of VoloMP and has been a Clickbooth affiliate for over a decade, prior to joining the company in 2014.
“As an industry leader, Clickbooth combined customer feedback with its years of industry data to create a performance exchange platform with the technological capabilities to interpret, learn and predict. While affiliate networks have access to thousands of first party data points, this is the FIRST platform that can utilize them to optimize performance.  Bringing big data to performance marketing allows us to extend our capabilities further than what has been possible in the past, launching us into the future of this industry”, said CTO of Clickbooth, Dzenis Softic.

Clickbooth Performance Exchange Benefits for Affiliates:

  • Affiliates can now pull a single link, by vertical, and the algorithm will ensure that the best offer is served to the best user for every single click – resulting in industry best EPCs.
  • This allows for 100% adfill, eliminates cap management all while yielding the highest EPC.
  • With this data driven approach, affiliates no longer have to waste time testing offers or swapping links.
  • Affiliates can focus on growing their business instead of managing it, seeing immediate results and making 30-40% higher returns on their traffic.

Clickbooth Performance Exchange Benefits for Advertisers:

  • Advertisers now have the ability to create CPC and CPA offers.
  • With granular targeting capabilities by state/country, time-of-day/day-of-week, and/or device type, advertisers can target their most valuable audiences while ensuring maximum alignment of cost and value.
  • Advertisers can adjust any of their targeting or CPA/CPC bids in real time for each affiliate placement that they are serving traffic on.
  • CPC pricing model enables advertisers to secure immediate traffic.
So what does all this mean for the performance marketing industry? It means, as always, Clickbooth is continuing to provide not only solutions for their clients’ needs but also creating solutions for their future needs.  As an industry leader, that has always been Clickbooth’s goal, not just to give what’s being asked but to anticipate what is coming next. 
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