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eBay Enterprise Marketing Solutions has recently announced that they are acquiring the international performance marketing firm, Affiliate Traction.  The specific details regarding the amount they are paying or when everything will be finalized are not yet released, but this acquisition makes them the world’s largest affiliate marketing agency.
Affiliate Traction is based out of Silicon Valley and operates offices in Sydney, London and Toronto.  They offer full-service affiliate marketing management and much more to customers.  By working closely with companies and affiliates they help to match up affiliates with the right retailers and then further help both parties to get the most out of the relationship.
As part of the deal, the founder of Affiliate Traction, Greg Shepard, will transition to become the Chief Strategy Officer with eBay Enterprise Marketing Solutions.
Shepard commented on the deal saying, “Over the past 15 years, working with virtually every network around the world, we have evolved alongside eBay Enterprise Marketing Solutions as a technology agency hybrid.  Together we represent the most powerful technologies in the industry.  The good news for agencies is that we will empower them with the same tools that contributed to our own growth and success.  Publishers will now receive major enhancements, integrated into a single platform that features a massive base of premium brands.”
In addition, eBay Enteprise Marketing Solutions CEO, Michael Jones, said, “This acquisition significantly enhances our performance marketing technology and enables us to better serve the complex, evolving needs of leading brands and retailers.  Affiliate Traction’s advanced technology gives advertisers and publishers an unparalleled view into their businesses and allows them to add scale and exceed their performance marketing goals with incredible efficiency.”
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