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As the weekend ends, another email has hit the inbox of affiliates 
worldwide. This time from the desk of Vito Glazers and his affiliate network CPATank, requesting that its affiliates ‘pause’ their campaigns until further notice. 

In an e-mail titled ‘Important Notice from CPATank’, Vito stated:

 “Good Evening,

First of all, I want to personally thank you for being part of our prestigious affiliate army.

Responsible leadership has always been a fundamental keystone of cpatank, and part of that leadership comes from my sincere desire to work one on one with people to help them succeed.

Recently our affiliate ranks have more than quadrupled from our numbers last year while our staff has remained the same. This has caused our service to be less than the standard of excellence that made cpatank one of the strongest Affiliate Networks in the industry since 2009.

I have a strong desire to return back to that one on one service that gave the most benefit to affiliates.

Because of this decision, we are asking you to please pause campaigns by this Sunday at midnight. You will be paid for everything you send. I am going to work on adding the proper manpower to serve our substantially larger affiliate base, and we will invite back affiliates one by one when I can absolutely ensure that we can give you the service you deserve.

I know what you are thinking, Yes, I may lose some money in the short term, but to me losing a small amount of revenue on campaigns that I do not have time to give the proper attention to is better than not being able to give the absolute best service and attention to affiliates; a true desire for quality in our work is what sets my team and I apart from many others in the industry.

I look forward to reaching back out to you in the next few weeks as we make the changes necessary to accommodate all of our members properly and working with you one on one to develop the best affiliate experience possible.

Salute Success!
Vito Glazers
The General”

Hours after the email hit inboxes the discussion began, with people beginning to question the future of CPATank and the motive behind the email.

Vito was quick to reassure affiliates and members of CPAFix that there is nothing to worry about, posting:

“Don't misunderstand the situation

“all of the CPATank's personal and close relationships understand the need for this and things are all good and we are excited to get things where we want them to be ready to jump in growth again.

“we have a big maintenance plan that had been discussed well in advance with the affiliates who talk and work with us regularly”

Along with the following image:

CPATank affiliate network - Keep Calm and watch your email
Keep calm and watch your email - An image posted by Vito Glazers in the popular affiliate forum

Regulars in the industry will be aware of Vito Glazers and his work. As Vito mentions in the email sent out to affiliates, he has always strived to ensure that CPATank provides a high quality service for its users and he takes extreme pride in his network. If the comments over at CPAFix are anything to run by, affiliates in the industry have a lot to look forward to with the upcoming regeneration of the CPATank network.

However, until Vito releases any further news, what’s next for CPATank affiliates? At this moment in time campaigns are to be paused and Vito is extremely keen to assure affiliates that they will be paid for their traffic to this date and that there is nothing to worry about. 

Be sure to keep checking back for the latest affiliate news and updates on the future of CPATank.

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