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Well-known performance network Clickbooth announced it has selected Invoca’s Call Intelligence Platform to bring the value of calls to its pay-per-call division. This partnership enables Clickbooth to measure and maximize calls as easily as clicks. Invoca’s platform will give Clickbooth the ability to easily track all costs and revenue associated with their clients’ pay-per-call campaigns.
“Consumer behavior and performance marketing evolve together. In today’s mobile age, our pay-per-call integration with Invoca provides advertisers the inbound call intelligence needed to optimize consumer engagement and increase revenue. Pay-per-call is another addition to Clickbooth’s performance umbrella and contributes to our ongoing commitment as the end-to-end performance solution. Feedback from advertisers has been that regardless of traffic channel, Clickbooth’s traffic quality simply outperforms the competition, so they are always excited to hear when we are expanding our offerings and allowing them to scale their business in a smart, performance-based way.” - Lee Aho, Vice President of Advertising
While this is just the beginning, Clickbooth is already seeing growth in the space, proving clients will quickly see the benefits from implementing pay-per-call campaigns.
“With the explosion of mobile, phone calls are a critical part of every customer journey. With the Invoca Call Intelligence Platform, we’re confident that Clickbooth will deliver the call analytics, call automation, and revenue generating capabilities they need to take their success in the performance marketing industry to the next level.” - Kyle Christensen, Vice President, Marketing at Invoca
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