Total networks: (169) has grown to become the biggest cost per action community online. They have finalized a deal to acquire for an undisclosed fee.

CPAFix has grown over the last year and a half to over ten thousand members. K and his team put plans in place back in April to overhaul the site for the launch of the site's version 3.0. Well, they've taken things one step further.

CPAFix will be incorporated by AffiliateFix Ltd. Version 3.0 will be launching with the new identity and domain. finally gives CPAFix the platform it needs to grow into what already is one of the most successful affiliate resources online. The new domain and brand opens the door to so many possibilities. I'm personally very excited to see what is in store. will close and the user-base, posts, etc. will all be incorporated onto the new 3.0 platform on No information or accounts will be lost. All our (I say 'our' because I'm a member of CPAFix) posts and history will be carried over to the new site. We won't have to register again or anything like that.

"We also want to stress how appreciative we are of all our members and want to reiterate the fact that we plan to grow even bigger as a family. CPAFix has and always will be about supporting each other and growing together to be successful and knowledgable. That's the vision we want to continue."  - Oliver Kenyon will boast a whole range of new and exciting features including,

    - Fully responsive design across desktop, mobile and tablets
    - Affiliate network ratings, reviews and support
    - Affiliate platform ratings, reviews and support
    - Extensive resources
    - tools exclusive to Dojo members
    - Amazing money saving deals from the biggest companies
    - Full affiliate marketing wikipedia

....and much more.

The new brand will also open up doors for future events, meet ups and more. It's business as usual up until the switch. Plans are in place to launch and merge CPAFix with in September 2013.

I consider it a blessing to call K my friend and business partner. I've learned so much from him. I will continue to support CPAFix/AffiliateFix.

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