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Affiliate Window has introduced an attribution payment model which rewards publishers further up the sales funnel which would not normally have received a revenue cut.
The affiliate network has introduced the “top-up” commission feature to ensure bloggers and social publishers are paid if their content has contributed to a subsequent sale on another site.
Using cross-device tracking, Affilitate Window can see when a publisher has contributed to the “click chain” but did not win the sale, or if a publisher has generated the first click in the chain. Another form of assist is when a publisher has contributed a click but the sale was a assigned to a different channel. From now on publishers will be rewarded quickly for the value they deliver to the end sale.
Kevin Edwards global client strategy director, for Affiliate Window, said: “Having analysed affiliate journeys over the past few years we know that certain publishers have greater influence earlier in the sales’ funnel and last-click CPA doesn’t allow us to recognise this. We also know there is a huge industry desire to engage with longtail bloggers and broader content sites and this enables us to reward their activity more appropriately.
A recent trial campaign with an advertiser saw an 85% traffic increase and a 25% rise in sales across the publishers involved, according to Affiliate Window.
Advertisers can also identify individual publishers and cap payments for assists that lead to transactions if they wish. There are additional criteria available, with variable payments, daily caps and first assist options. The payments can be limited to single publishers or a wider group should the advertiser want to run a general 'assist' campaign.
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