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Starting today (March 21, 2016) 7Search will be deploying a revised dashboard with new features to improve the experience marketers receive across their network. 
So what’s new?

Phrase Match

Phrase Match has been improved to deliver better results for advertisers and is now the default setting for all new keywords. Keywords that were previously set to Broad match will now be set to Phrase match in all accounts.

Broad Match

Broad Match has been improved to deliver better exposure and is now available as an optional match type by default. Please note that this match type will now deliver a true Broad match experience and is best applied to single keywords, and should be optimized by including the use of Negative keywords when possible.

New Network Bid Column

The majority of traffic provided to users is driven by the search engines, portals, privately owned websites, and AccessoryAds™ partners that constitute their network. 7Search now provides our advertisers with a recommended Network Bid to quickly maximize their ad's exposure on the network.

New Competition Bid Tool

Quickly see what your competitor’s ads + bids on 7Search. Thinking about offering your product in a new geo? Filter by Country to see the current bids and competition. Get traffic specific (Desktop or Mobile) for your campaign to ensure you are bidding the correct amount every time. Use the integrated Search bar to view additional competition on words not in your account, and add them with a single click! Check out this powerful tool today.

Why have my Broad match keywords been changed to Phrase?

In their continuing effort to deliver better performance to customers, they have updated all keywords that defaulted to include Broad match to Phrase match. Our deployment of the updated Broad match could result in significant spikes in costs for users, and they want to protect your investment on the 7Search Network. You can still enable Broad match for any keyword from the Edit Keywords screen in your campaign.
Any campaigns that have bids set for all 3 match types (Exact, Phrase, & Broad) will not be affected by these changes. Be sure to review your Broad match bid to account for the increased traffic potential.
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