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CPAlead has launched a self-serve PPC platform where you can buy high value traffic from CPAlead for any ad you want!   You can use any ad from any network you want with the CPAlead PPC system.     Take a look at their pricing chart here.   The minimum deposit needed to test CPAlead is only $50.00


Check out this announcement from Clickbooth:

At Clickbooth, our vision is to empower our affiliates to scale their ROIs, using our one-of-a-kind technology to deliver increased EPCs and eCPMs. Since we’ve moved our business from Cake to our own CB Performance Exchange, a top request among affiliates has been the ability to rely on us to update product images and offer names on their landing pages.

This past June, we released LP Offer Rotation – a piece of code that allows affiliates to update their pages once and run multiple offers through one link, with corresponding bottle images and product names. In the initial test phase a handful of exclusive affiliates we


Direct from Prosper202:


With the new launch of the new Prosper202 Pro Premium Edition, we are also publicly relaunching our Private SaaS Servers. Think of it as a hybrid solution that gives you the privacy and power of dedicated servers with the ease of management and infinite scalability of a SaaS solution.

Private Domains With Custom Nameservers

Unlike traditional SaaS solutions, we offer you your own private domain that's linked to our servers with a nameserver setup just for you. This means that your tracking domain will have its own reputation and not affected by other customers. Most SaaS solutions use CNAMEs for private domains, this means th


Most performance marketers will remember last year when the popular image sharing social network Pinterest banned affiliate links.  Many Pinners lost significant amounts of revenue because they were no longer able to include affiliate links in their posts, which is how they were earning their income.  At the time Pinterest said that they made the move because of, “irrelevant Pins in feeds, broken links and other spammy behavior.”

Naturally, many of the most popular Pinners who were making most of their money with affiliate marketing were making fewer posts.  While the most popular ones could make money in other ways, it was a big problem.

Pinterest, howe


By now, many of you are already aware that a new version of Prosper202 1.9.31 has launched.   Check out this new information you should be aware of: Multi-currency support Prosper202 has a huge international user base, as of today we have users in 4,010 cities spread across 151 countries. The majority of our users are no longer in the US, which is why we now provide the ability to show earnings in your local currency.   You can now set an account currency for Prosper202, and also a currency for each of the offer you promote. From now on we will perform real time currency conversion for all your offers and ensure they are always up to date.