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In the mobile app advertising world, it’s one thing to successfully drive mobile app downloads; but it’s a whole different ballpark when it comes to identifying effective ways of driving engagement and revenue from mobile app users. These 9 tips will help you effectively marketing your mobile apps.


1. User context

Start with clear use cases for why someone would want to engage with your app and why it might make sense for them to do so while using social media.


2. Creative

With your use cases in mind, develop images and headline copy that would not only entice the user to open your app, but also clearly direct them to take a specific


Check out this great infographic outlining how you should size up your ads for different social media platforms.


Ad Dimension Cheat Sheet Dot Com Infoway – Social Media Marketing Company


Check out this insightful article from Conversion Voodoo:


You’ve heard the saying, “You’ve got to leap before you fly.” This is certainly true when it comes to crafting a call to action (CTA) on your landing page.   Consider the analogy. The “leap” is the call to action sending your visitor “flying” to your desired target.   While creating the perfect CTA may sound challenging, we’ve put together seven ways you can build an irresistible CTA on your landing page.   With our seven tips, you’ll soon have people leaping to your target. First, let’s define the

Charles Ngo is a well-known and respected internet marketer and a good guy. Here he discusses affiliate marketers and list building.

What do you think is the biggest downside of being an affiliate marketer?

Common answers I’ve heard:

The competition ripping your campaigns The up and down of the industry Working alone all day in your basement

They’re all valid.

My #1 downside would be that most of us aren’t building any long-term assets. Some Americans are living paycheck to paycheck…some affiliates are living campaign to campaign!

We’re kinda running half a business. The positive of affiliate


Check out this great information from AdParlor:

Ribs? Check. Chip-dip variety? Duh. This isn’t your first Super Bowl—you have a strategy, and maybe not just for the perfect game day buffet. You’ve got your social campaign ready to go for the big game. What’s your secret weapon? YouTube. Here’s how it’ll help your brand bring home a win.

1 It Gets You Where the Action Is

The game’s most memorable moments create the perfect opportunity to get in front of viewers or drive them to your YouTube channel when they want to relive the moment later on. Whether it’s the epic tackle, the hilarious commercial, or Katy

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