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About Us

What is Network Roundup

Network Roundup is an industry leading affiliate and CPA news platform created to make it easier for both networks and affiliates to keep up to date with the latest affiliate news. Created in 2012, the platform allows networks to create their own 'network page', where they can provide a profile of their network, contact and sign up details, as well as post articles to keep affiliates informed.

Who's behind Network Roundup

Eric Williams

Eric Williams is the 29 year old marketer from Nashville, TN who is in charge of running, from writing articles to ensuring the site runs smoothly for all users.

What's in it for you?

For Affiliates

The website enables affiliates to get the latest updates on new offers, payout bumps, competitions and campaign guides directly from any network all in one place. Share your comments and views on each article and discuss the CPA industry with other affiliates.

For Networks

Networks are provided with the opportunity to supply affiliates with everything they need through a simple, easy to use control panel. Write stories, case studies and network news.

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